5 Reasons to Choose Mexico

5 Reasons to Choose Mexico

by Sylvie Lacourcière

With so many breathtaking destinations around the world, in a time when international travel is increasingly accessible, it’s not easy to decide where to visit. At Seek Retreat alone we offer retreat experiences on almost every continent. If eating well, getting the most for your money, soaking up the sun, practicing yoga, and playing in the waves sound good, then take a moment to consider these 5 reasons to visit Mexico:


City life is vibrant and diverse, but being surrounded by wifi signals, concrete, and traffic takes a toll. Life is more simple in Mexico; and even if there is wifi at your retreat, the lifestyle and abundance of nature encourages unplugging in favor of embracing the laid back rhythm of life in Mexico. Sometimes the freedom to sit back and just be is the real luxury.

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Your Money Goes Farther

For retreat seekers that call the US (or many other countries) home, the currency exchange works out favorably. The price to value ratio in Mexico is high. From handmade fabrics to cervezas, and taxi fares, you get more for each dollar spent. Additionally, flight costs from most American cities are much cheaper when compared with fares to similar destinations in Europe, South-East Asia, or Central America. Both getting to Mexico, and being in Mexico make the most of your dollar.

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Fresh Food

In many places in Mexico, calling food “organic” to indicate the absence of pesticides and/or herbicides is not something that is understood, as cultivating food without these harmful chemicals is the way things have always been done. The climate supports an abundant array of fruits, commonly pressed into fresh juices. Processed food is less common, with most meals prepared from whole (often locally produced) foods. Meals served at most retreats are especially cleansing, with vegan and vegetarian options available.


Short Flights, Same Time-Zones

For many, getting time off to travel is the hard part. When flights are long, or multiple stopovers are necessary, valuable days are lost to travelling to and from the destination. Mexico, however, has the advantage of being situated in North America, only a short flight away from many US cities; especially when compared with similar warm weather destinations around the world. Being cozied up just south of the US also means that minimal jet lag can be expected, as Mexico shares many of the same time-zones as the US. Same time-zones mean less recovery time upon both arrival to Mexico and returning home. For even shorter travel times, choose a retreat situated close one of Mexico’s major airports, like this yoga teacher training in Puerto Vallarta.

Beaches & Warm Weather

Perhaps the most obvious reason to visit Mexico is the abundance of good weather, turquoise water, and stunning beaches. Pick up surfing, meditate on the beach, walk with your toes in the sand, or adventure along the coastline by paddle board. For those escaping winter, a visit to Mexico can provide some much needed vitamin D (and a killer suntan). Anyone who has practiced hot yoga knows just how conducive warmth is to an optimal yoga practice, making Mexico an ideal location to take a yoga retreat.

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