Seek Retreat: More than Yoga Retreats

Seek Retreat: More than Yoga Retreats

by Sylvie Lacourcière

At Seek Retreat our ultimate vision is to foment change in the way people think about travel, leisure, or vacation time. We want those who are so inclined to see more of the world through rich, immersive experiences, and connect to their humanity in a way that challenges and changes them, giving them a new and different perspective in their individual lives, and on life in general. It just so happens that yoga retreats, especially destination yoga retreats, are an excellent vehicle to accomplish just that.

Most yoga retreat experiences are centered around providing a leisure getaway, are anywhere from a weekend to a week in duration, take place in breathtaking destinations, and are hosted at hand-picked resorts that range from eco-chic to luxury. Something special and entirely unpredictable happens when like-minded people come together from all over the world. Some (but by all means not all) of the benefits you can expect to experience from embarking on a yoga retreat include relaxation, clean eating, digital detox, new perspectives, growth in your practice, and new friendships. While Seek Retreat provides a premier online yoga retreat marketplace where some of the best yoga retreats can be booked, yoga retreats are not the only experiences we are here to connect you with!



Take a look at some of the other combinations that we offer:

Yoga Teacher Trainings

Yoga retreats are just a taste of what you will find during a yoga teacher training. Yoga teacher trainings are by no means only for those with aspirations of teaching. They are one of the best ways to deepen your practice and learn more about the ancient system of yoga, while reaping the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of a clean yogic lifestyle for longer than you’d experience during a yoga retreat. Yoga teacher trainings adhere to the Yoga Alliance teaching methodology, and are typically offered as 200 hour or 300 hour immersive courses, so expect 3-4 weeks of yogic study, lifestyle and practice in the destination of your choosing. You will be challenged to change negative habits and inspired and guided to incorporate those that are more constructive. Expect to emerge transformed for the better, ready to embark on your yoga teaching journey, should you so desire.  

Surf Retreats

Surfing, not unlike a yoga practice, is not something that is mastered overnight. The benefit of attending a surf retreat is either learning or improving your surf skills with the personalized help of an instructor, throughout your entire stay. These retreats will bring you to some of the most amazing coastal destinations, where connecting to nature—flowing with the rhythm of the waves—is a given. Surf retreats often include yoga as well, offering the opportunity to double dose on fun, fitness, and transformation.


Sacred Plant

Plant medicine is a holistic term used to describe a whole spectrum of plants used in a variety of ways for one purpose: healing. That healing can be of the body, the mind, and/or spirit. In Ayurveda, an ancient system of natural healing with its origins in the same place as yoga—with the vedic culture of India—food is considered medicine. This ancient branch of science believes that most common illnesses are the result of poor nutrition. Therefore, on one end of the plant medicine spectrum we have food. On the other end of the spectrum we have sacred plants such as Ayahuasca, a psychoactive potion indigenous to the amazon, that has been used for centuries in shamanic healing. Not all sacred plants are regarded in the same way across all cultures and countries. Ayahuasca, for instance, cannot legally be taken in the United States, but is available on certain retreats in other countries, namely Peru. Retreats offering plant medicine are perfect for those seeking to bring about a deeper transformation of healing within themselves, but are not to be taken lightly. Research sacred plants you may be considering, and reflect on what is right for your healing.


Goal Coaching

There comes a time when we reach the point in our lives where we are able to step out of survival mode—reacting to what happens to us—and into our role as the conscious creator of our lives. Where we consciously choose the direction of our life, our healing, or our growth. Goal coaching retreats are offered to help us along this journey by offering the structure, tools, and support needed. By assisting us to ask the right questions of ourselves, these retreats help us to clarify where it is we want to go, and inspire the personal growth that will take us there, while still offering plenty opportunity to relax, unwind, and practice yoga.

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