SEEK Retreat’s Top 10 Places to visit in 2017

SEEK Retreat’s Top 10 Places to visit in 2017

How lucky are we to live in an age where travel is not only accessible, but also immensely affordable, and the resources to plan, and guide our trips are more abundant than ever!

So many of us make travel a part of our New Year’s resolutions, and here at Seek Retreat we have put together our top ten places you should visit this year, not only to make a check on your bucket list, but to change your life.

So here we go… let’s take this ride around the world together:


#1 Bali

Known as the mecca of meditation, yoga, and self healing. Bali is as lush in its culture and cuisine as its jungle landscape. Hike a volcano at sunrise, explore the lush jungle, feed your body with organic, local Balinese cuisine, or bathe in an infinity pool as you watch the sun set. Then during yoga and meditation sessions delve into releasing limiting fears, embrace yourself fully in self-love and healing and set yourself up to lead that full and happy life you’ve dreamed of.

Heal Yourself Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Qoya Bali Spread Your Wings Retreat

#2 Nicaragua

Another home to the magic of jungle living, the Aqua Resort here is a completely eco friendly, not to mention barefoot friendly resort, nestled into the Emerald Coast. In this pristine jungle paradise expect nothing less than reconnection with nature, twice daily optional yoga sessions and meditations, among various adventure excursions outside the retreat. Not to mention endless opportunities for relaxation, yoga practice and massage within this treehouse paradise.

Change Your Story Change Your Life Screenwriting and Yoga Retreat

#3 California

Looking to adventure in your own backyard? The stunning coastal city of Santa Barbara is a hidden gem in the southern California landscape, dominated by Los Angeles and San Diego (though we love those rad cities too!) Here relaxation with ocean views, palm trees galore and guaranteed sunshine is a no brainer. And to top it off the “Happiness Retreat” will offer opportunities to start 2017 right with true happy vibes.

The Happiness Retreat

#4 Spain

Discover the areas surrounding the internationally renown city of Ibiza and the stunning spiritual and cultural grounds of the surrounding towns. With opportunities to practice yoga and meditation, but also in local cultural fire dancing, the three retreats we have offered here will not disappoint! Opportunities for hikes, mountain biking and snorkeling will also be available!

Free Spirit Ibiza Yoga Retreat

Luxury Yoga & Meditation Weekend in Spain

Yoga Wine and Chocolate Weekend in Spain

#5 Costa Rica

The heart and soul of the Pura Vida lifestyle, surrounded by pristine, crystal clear water and white sand beaches should be enough to catch the heart of any wanderluster. Add amazing yoga, meditation workshops and paired with afternoon horseback rides, and jungle excursions, could we ask for more?

Wild Wellness Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Aerial Arts and Yoga in Costa Rica

#6 Canada

For those of us that find solace and introspection in the cooler locations of the earth. Considering jetting off to the northwestern wilderness territories in Canada. If nightly views of the Aurora Borealis isn’t enough to tempt you, considering watching them from the comfort of the viewing lodge fireplace, or the bubbling jacuzzis. Then by day the snow play is endless with opportunities to explore miles of surround trails by snowshoe, snowmobile, and more!  

Folk Rebellion's Digital Detox Under the Aurora Borealis Retreat

#7 Croatia

Then there’s Croatia, one of the largest sailing destinations in the world, with seas dotted with small islands just waiting to be explored. Add your favorite yoga and meditation sessions, and days exploring with new and potentially life long friends, what more could we ask for?

Yoga Sailing Holiday in Croatia

#8 Panama

Interested in jetting off to this pristine jungle paradise? Surfing and survival Spanish, Tai Chi and mindfulness are just a few of the learning opportunities that await. Enrich your life on all levels in a week away in Panama.

“7 Day Wave Flow Fluency Retreat” Surf, Spanish, Yoga & Qigo

#9 Greece

Calling all Goddesses! Mykonos, Greece, easily one of the most unique and stunning cities in the world, and probably splashed across every wanderlust Pinterest page, is a place that should be on every goddess’s bucket list. By day take part in ultimate relaxation by the pool, with massage and yoga or meditation courses. Then by night explore the ancient remains, and beautiful architecture, head out on a sailing excursion or simply lay back and relax on the coastal city's iconic beaches.

Golden Goddess Retreat - Luxury Women’s Yoga Retreat

#10 Mexico

If you ever thought about taking your yoga practice to the next level and especially if you have never been to stunning Mexico, here’s an opportunity unlike any other. Receive your 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in breathtaking seaside town of Puerto Vallarta.

Yoga Teacher Training - Vinyasa & Restorative Yoga


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