11 Helpful Hints to Keep your New Year’s Resolutions

11 Helpful Hints to Keep your New Year’s Resolutions

1. Start small!

By beginning with small, short term goals you can achieve quickly, you allow yourself to make swift and visible progress. Keep that momentum and excitement going long past the honeymoon phase!


2. Research

Chances are you aren’t the first to embark on this journey. Research what others have done to successfully reach similar goals. Not only will you find suggestions to make keeping your resolutions a bit easier, it’s great to hear stories from others as well!


3. Be specific

Be as specific as possible about your goals and the steps you plan to take. Studies show the more specific you are, the more attainable your goals feel and the more likely you are to achieve them.

4. Write them down

Write down your resolutions & all the steps you will take to reach them. Not only does this cement them into your subconscious, but now you have a visual guide to refer back to every day, which brings us to our next step...

5. Visualize

Take that list and create a vision board for your goals. You can easily create one virtually using Pinterest, or tangibly with magazine cutouts & poster board. Visualization is a crucial instrument in successfully reaching any goals in life. Studies show the more you visualize your goals, the more likely you are to find & take the steps necessary to achieve them.

6. Be realistic

Be honest & real with yourself. There will be time once you have reached the stars to shoot for the moon after. You will feel better along the way when you're accomplishing small steps towards your greater goal. Which brings us to...

7. Celebrating the little victories

Gratitude is the best way to draw happiness and positivity to you life. Show yourself gratitude for the hard work you have already put in and celebrate the small victories along the way. It will help you keep that momentum going and keep your spirits high.

8. Reassess

Set benchmarks and when you reach each one, reassess your goals. Were some a little too far reaching, or not far enough? You don’t have to stick to exactly what you envisioned when the clock struck twelve. As you grow and progress these goals often change with you. Reassess and continue to make realistic, achievable goals for yourself to ensure success.


9. Grab a friend

Have a friend with similar resolutions? Have them join you! Even if their goals are different, you can still motivate each other, support each other, and keep each other in check when that cupcake is calling or it feels a little too cold to hit the gym!

10. Share with family & friends

Research shows if you talk about your goals you are significantly more likely to succeed, so share away!

11. Forgive

Don’t be too hard on yourself. We are often our worst critics, and though it’s important to be strict and specific with our goals, if we mess up, it’s a lot better to forgive and get back on track then to give up completely.

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