Yoga Travel Must Haves

Yoga Travel Must Haves

Seek Retreat asks 5 teachers what they never leave home without.

What’s a good way to get know a yoga teacher? Learn what they travel with,  their travel must-haves what they never leave home without and what they bring with them to connect them, keep them grounded to their home practice and to their personal lives. I asked about what they take with them. The responses are inspiring – some tech related, some outdoorsy, all amazing.

The question:

What item(s) do you never leave home without on your travels? What keeps you grounded when you’re traveling a lot for retreats and/or when traveling for workshops – what little part of your home practice do you keep with you?


Tommy Rosen

with Kia Miller

I never leave home without a journal to write in. What keeps me grounded? Nature. If I’m near an ocean, I have to swim every day in it. If I am in the mountains for forests, I must hike. Those are the rules. My morning sadhana meditation practice comes with me wherever I go. It’s a way for me to connect with the force behind everything.



Kathryn Budig

New Year’s Baja Retreat

Always travel with essential oils, noise reducing earphones and ear plugs, big scarfs, probiotics, digestive enzymes and an awesome book.


Erica Jago

I bring my Ascended Masters Cards,  my clear quartz crystal and a scarf from India to setup a traveling puja!



Mary Beth LaRue-Aporta

Rock Your Bliss Sayulita Retreat  with Jacki Carr

My iPad. I load it up with inspiring books and music, and I keep all my class notes in Evernotes. I’m a total Virgo organizational freak.

Aromatherapy oils, especially mint and lavender!

And my manduka mat (literally folds up into my suitcase)



Vytas Baskaukas  - Find Peace in Costa Rica Retreat

When I travel I never leave home without an open mind and sense of adventure. These qualities are much more important than any physical object I can bring along with me. Plus, isn’t that the best part of traveling? We leave our life and belongings behind and venture off to explore the NEW. No need to carry the old into that.

For me, when I travel to teach, whether for workshops or a retreat, I always bring the essence of my yoga practice with me. It is always important for me to reconnect with the reasons why I practice and what it does for me so I don’t get lost. There are many different belief systems out there regarding yoga and a spiritual practice. As a teacher, I am constantly examining and reaffirming mine to make sure that my message is clear to the people I am fortunate enough to share it with. The essence of a yoga practice, for me, is the mind-body connection that it brings. That is why everywhere I go, I’ll bring my seat. Sitting in meditation always keeps me grounded and centered no matter where I go.


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