Top Multi-Genre Tracks for Yoga Playlist

Top Multi-Genre Tracks for Yoga Playlist

Top Multi-Genre Tracks for Yoga Playlists: DJ and yoga teacher Shayn Almeida shares his favorite tunes for a well-rounded, eclectic yoga playlist.

Music, like yoga, is such a powerful force and often a very personal thing.

In the upcoming months I will be writing a series of articles designed to assist yoga teachers and practitioners in how to find and properly utilize music in classes.

This month I’ll begin simply by giving you a list of songs and producers that will show you how diverse you can be in a single playlist, while still maintaining a consistent flow that takes you and your students on a well-rounded journey into stillness.

The following tracks are from one of my favorite yoga playlists that I created some time ago, yet, sadly many of these tracks and artists are still generally unknown to the mainstream world or the yoga practitioners out there who enjoy music with their classes.

This is an eclectic mix combining everything from Down Tempo, Dub, Rock, Electronic, and even some Bass-Music for your listening pleasure. There are a couple more traditional sounding tracks from Rik Saraj and Masood Ali Khan, and even an acoustic track by Billy Corgan. I like to try and include something for everybody, while at the same time exposing everyone to at least one or two songs they’ve never heard.

Any good yoga sequence should have a beginning, middle, and end, along with a flow that should enable the students to rest, pause, reflect, and most importantly, to breathe throughout the practice; this playlist’s order is set up specifically to coincide with that structure. The peak pose should be sequenced to “The National Anthem” by Radiohead, and from there, the tracks have been sequenced to journey downhill toward Savasana, with my all time favorite producer Tipper, and his song, “Everything is Everywhere.”

2001 Spliff Odyssey ~ Thievery Corporation

Walking Through ~ Kaya Project

Revolution Solution ~ Thievery Corporation

Be Humble ~ Zeb

Subterranean Homesick Alien ~ Radiohead

The National Anthem ~ Radiohead

Satyam Shivam Sundaram ~ Thievery Corporation

Breathe (In The Air) (Scientist Rmx) ~ Easy Star All-Stars

Am What I Am ~ Conrad Praetzell

Rise Above ~ Kaya Project

Gaia Nectar ~ Masood Ali Khan

Track 6 ~ Rik Saraj (Sitara Tantrica)

Crush ~ Smashing Pumpkins

Give up the Ghost ~ Radiohead

Hunting Bears ~ Radiohead

Treefingers ~ Radiohead

Everything is Everywhere ~ Tipper

Seek Retreat has curated most of the above tracks on their new YouTube channel. Preview the playlist below, and if you enjoy any of these songs, support these amazing artists by purchasing their music.

Hopefully there is something in here that you and/or your students will enjoy, and hopefully I’ll see you on a yoga mat soon!

Feel free to reach out and say hi by commenting below, or ask me any questions you might have about music, yoga, or social networking.

Much love and Namaste,

Shayn Almeida

Learn more about Shayn’s work, passions and journey with yoga here.

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