On the Go: Gift Guide for Traveling Yogis

On the Go: Gift Guide for Traveling Yogis

I never travel without my diary.
One should always have something sensational to read in the train.
-Oscar Wilde

This season, give smart gifts with practical, fun travel accessories for that special yogi in your life. Seek Retreat has organized the following little gift guide for yogis on the go.

by Tess DiNapoli

We who travel often and practice yoga daily love to bring our practice with us, but sometimes things get crazy, mats get heavy, flights are long or delayed or even canceled, bags are awkward and that awkwardly squishy hotel carpet just doesn’t cut it. What to get for the traveling yogi looking to enhance her yoga travel experience with all the right yoga and wellness accessories this holiday season?

Practicing yoga during retreats on on the beaches of Mexico or Costa Rica or the mountains of Switzerland calls for keeping your travel mat tidy and refreshed for each day.

First, consider the yoga mat. These get heavy and sometimes awkward when attempting to travel light. I have a variety of different mats acquired over the years and have dedicated each one as home, studio or travel. The yoga mats we travel with must be easy to fold and pack, and fortunately, many companies now design such a treasure for different budgets, like Manduka’s eKO travel mat ($40) and Hugger Mugger’s Tapas® travel mat ($20).

But how to clean that mat after practicing on beaches, on patios, in the airport? We love the travel size mat wipes by Jo-Sha : easy to carry, individually wrapped in resealable bags; your mat will be happy, fresh and clean on all of the adventures it goes on with you!

Sometimes flights are delayed. With certain retreat destinations, your flight is 15+hours, plus the time it takes to get there once you’ve landed, get through customs, deal with the humidity, or the cold, or an unexpected taxi or bus ride… it’s easy to get flustered, feel depleted, stressed or even angry in the logistics of getting to a destination despite your best yogic efforts to keep your feathers unruffled. Fortunately, there are tips and tricks to make your journey less harrowing, and one of these is to use essential oils.

Many teachers always travel with essential oils as a way to enhance their experience but also get them grounded, find inner calm, get centered, and make their long flights easier. We love fellow Venice resident Victoria Dodge’s Nourishment.

Yoga is a journey, and part of the practice is cataloging the experience in journals. Travel and writing go hand-in-hand, and on a retreat, your yogi-friend will have so many eye-opening, consciousness-expanding experiences to write about that she may run out of room in her falling-apart practice journal. Stock up on lightweight journals hand-decorated by Etsy artists Luke and Abby, of degno di nota

Clothes should be easy to pack and no fuss; depending on your yogi’s destination, she may want a feather-soft, light-weight cover up for the beach after her morning practice ends, or she may want a boho-chic sweater to layer up in while sipping hot cocoa after skiing the slopes. 

Solow designs effortless active wear that can easily be layered, taken from plane

to train to practice to a night out. Fun socks by Muk-Luks and intricately patterned scarves by Tiny Devotions will also make the journey to that special retreat a little cozier.

For storing everything he or she will be bringing on the next yoga adventure, there are bags designed specifically for traveling yogis! The gO series from Manduka has me daydreaming of the perfect carry-on (storage for both a mat and a laptop, plus more = pure love), while other brands design no-nonsense luggage that can store everything from your yoga mat to your must-have yoga props to your collection of Uggs.

Last, but certainly not least, the best gift of all for the traveling yoga lover is the gift of more travel. Seek Retreat provides a myriad of ways to explore the world through our online marketplace of yoga travel experiences; expand your favorite yogi’s consciousness by giving the gift of travel.

While our yoga practice teaches us not to grasp for the material, that we do not need “stuff”, I hope that this gift guide inspires you to give gifts that will be treasured and loved for years to come, practical for your favorite yogi’s daily life and for her special travels.


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