Our ultimate, wide-eyed, idealistic vision is to foment change in the way people think about travel and leisure, or vacation time. We want to encourage what people seem to be increasingly longing for–getaways which enhance consciousness instead of dulling it, and endeavors which expand the mind and broaden our experiences and strengthen the body, and return us to our home environs feeling cleansed and invigorated and renewed. We want those who are so inclined to see more of the world and to connect to their humanity in a way that challenges and changes them and gives them a new and different perspective on their individual lives, and on life in general

On a slightly less metaphysical note, we aspire to be the world’s premiere online retreat marketplace–where all manner of retreats the world over can be easily found and purchased, and where our collective experience and resources can positively impact the livelihoods of those who have dedicated themselves to helping others find what they seekwhatever that might be.


Seek Retreat’s secret sauce is an amalgam of business savvy, design panache, social awareness, networking skill, technological proficiency and entrepreneurial optimism, generously seasoned with honesty, humility, effort, gratitude, responsibility, knowledge, spirit, harmony, and irreverent humor and lightly peppered with hubris, defiance, individuality, craftiness and sass.


33.9908° N, 118.4601° W, or Venice Beach, California. AKA “Dogtown,” AKA “Silicon Beach,” AKA “The place where art meets crime,” AKA “Yogaville, USA,”


If your only experience with researching online retreats is with Seek Retreat, then congratulations, because you have somehow managed to avoid the virtual clusterf@#$ that used to represent that experience. Imagine, if you will, a barren digital landscape devoid of lustrous photos and ample, satisfying descriptions–only meager lines of text leading to desolate email contact forms or scant descriptions of shady addresses where one must actually mail a hand-written check! Once upon a time, a person needed to know exactly what teacher or venue they were searching for, and then had only the limited selection of retreats, and inadequate details that specific site had to offer, and virtually no modern way to pay for whatever retreat they were lucky enough to stumble upon. Only those plucky and/or desperate enough to cast their check into the abyss of the US Postal service in the hopes of extracting a transformative vacation experience were even afforded the slim chance of manifesting that goal via the internet.


Upon discovering the horrifying paucity of online resources that allowed one to easily find and book retreats, Alex and John set out to remedy this issue by creating a stylish, photo-driven, informative marketplace where travelers could easily seek, research, and book retreats with a modern convenience known as a credit card–all from one centralized online location, and where yogis would be proud to list their aggregated offerings.


As the fastest-growing online retreat marketplace, Seek Retreat is rapidly becoming the most trusted resource to seek, research and purchase your next yoga retreat. We represent the best yogis and most exquisite properties on earth, and are striving to make the online retreat transaction seamless, intuitive and fun. By giving the traveler a rich, immersive experience where they can ogle tantalizing photos of incredible retreats in exotic locales, read about the fascinating lives of the world’s greatest instructors, and find useful and informative articles in our comprehensive journal–all while enjoying a safe, secure and simple shopping experience and taking advantage of the ability to add travel insurance to their retreat, Seek Retreat is changing the way yoga retreats are sought, taught and bought.


The simplest explanation of our mission is that we truly wish to be helpful. We want to help travelers by presenting them with simple, stylish, sophisticated and secure access to wonderful, healthful, transformative retreats. We even aspire to bring these experiences to new markets, and to encourage people to question whether their comparably priced Cancun booze cruise might be sacrificed for a vacation that leaves them feeling a bit more renewed and invigorated. For the yoga instructors, most of whom are small-business owners who struggle to make ends meet, we wish to help them grow their businesses by lending our expertise and assistance in making their retreat experiences as seamless, organized and fruitful as possible. Since retreats are potentially the most lucrative aspect of a yogi’s business, if we can empower them to do more retreats per year, while relieving administrative headaches, then everyone has succeeded. And finally, our platform allows for a very special niche product, the retreat center, to be precisely marketed to that group for which it was specifically built, and without whom it cannot function at optimal capacity.


We help travelers find and book their dream retreats.

We help yogis build their dream retreats by giving them all the tools and assistance they require.

We help venues market their unique properties to a very special customer–those for whom such spaces were purposely designed.

Seek Retreat is the one central hub which allows travelers, instructors and venues to find each other with efficiency and ease, so that students can find the ideal teacher building the best retreats at the most exquisite venues in the most beautiful places on earth.


If you’re a retreat creator, instructor, or resort owner we are here to help. List your events, your property, or yourself, and connect with the world at large. We are not only here to help you find the people you want to connect with, but we are also here to help you look your best, and help you develop your business.

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