Wellness & Adventure in Puerto Rico with Adi Carter

Wellness & Adventure in Puerto Rico with Adi Carter

Adi Carter  has been a lifelong student of practicing yoga off the mat in all shapes and forms, especially when it involves being outdoors. Her passion for movement and the environment have taken her on countless adventures around the world and she currently travels and teaches as part of the YogaSlackers sharing the modalities of redefining balance through yoga, slacklining, AcroYoga, climbing, surfing, mountain biking and just about anything else you can think to do on the Earth’s terrain. With her car as a home base, you can find her somewhere in the vicinity of an ocean, climb site, mountain or legit climbing tree as she works with students on and off the mat to discover a new sense of balance, strength and focus in whatever their form of practice might be.


What are your top 10 recommended things to do in Puerto Rico? 

1. Surf!  check out Rincon and Aguadilla for some world-class surfing locations in warm water, where you can literally see to the bottom, and pass the time in between sets watching sea turtles, fish and sometimes even whales.

2. Climbing. The rock climbing here is spectacular and challenging.  Lots of bolted routes in jungle locations that will make you feel like you are in a long lost pre-historic setting with vines and lizards (think Jurassic Park)

3. Yoga.  From beaches to zen gardens, there are beautiful studios here in Rincon.  Check out La Paz and Barefoot Yoga Studio.

4. Snorkeling & Scuba Diving.  Steps Beach has some beautifully preserved reefs with a whole underwater community of animals;  Desecheo Island is also a world-class diving location.

5. Waterfalls.  San Sebastian is a popular one and there are hundreds of secret waterfalls if you are willing to go on an adventure to find them.

6. Cabo Rojo.  One of the most beautiful beaches in the world tucked away in the southwest corner of the island.  Check out Bahia Salinas for massages, spa treatments and an amazing dinner.

7. Art galleries. Ponce has an amazing collection of art and cultural monuments.  It is a  wonderful day trip to spend some time indoors when the sun is up in those warmer months.  Check out: Museo de Arte Ponce

8. Tropical Treehouse Tour.  Take a tour or even spend the night on the bamboo forest and sustainable living community of tropical treehouse.  Bamboo Jo and his wife Laura are great people who know a lot about simple living with elegance.  Their bamboo tree houses (or “hooches”) will take you up into a unique world among the tree tops.

9. Get your juice on.  Enjoy fresh juices, smoothies and snacks at Rincon’s new juice cart. Carta Buena…prepared fresh daily by Steps Beach–a wonderful area to hang out and chill with friends or read a book.

10. Shopping! Uncharted Rincon right in the town center has some awesome souvenirs from locally designed and printed t-shirts and jewelry to imported dresses from Bali and, my personal favorite,  The Mermaid and The Squid collection of handmade, eco-conscious pillows with ocean inspired prints.,


What in Puerto Rico has really inspired you and your experience?

I originally came to Rincon on a surf trip in 2010 and ended up meeting a local yoga teacher out in the water one very crowded day surfing at Dogman’s Beach. Then on a whim, I decided to move down here a month later for the winter season and see what would happen.  The transition from the fast paced lifestyle of New York City to the laid back island time of Puerto Rico was a bit shocking at first.  However, the amazing sense of simplicity in living, community support and connection to nature always makes Rincon feel like home. With so many beautiful beaches, mountains and waterfalls, I feel an endless sense of adventure, especially with friends who are willing to try anything and venture into some uncharted areas to go climbing or waterfall hunting.  The locals are radiant and friendly people who share their passions for music, art and culture through small family run businesses. It is inspiring to see people doing what they love and focusing on living a happy and fulfilling life.


How has yoga influenced your life?

Yoga was originally something that I did to work through several serious injuries so as to cope with the pain and avoid having surgery.  In many ways yoga was, and continues to be, a catalyst to so many profound changes in my life that I am always humbled by the extent of this practice.  The connection to breath, balance and prana, inspire me to constantly take the yoga practice off the mat and apply it to many of the things I am passionate about including surfing, climbing, slacklining, AcroYoga, mountain biking, and the list goes on and on.  On a global scale, the yoga practice and a desire to teach from the experience, allows me to connect with so many amazing people and places around the world that I am eternally grateful for the ability to witness firsthand the power of this amazing practice and the ability to harvest conscious changes in individuals and the world.


What is your favorite life quote?

“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything…” -Albert Einstein

Adi’s adventures and environmental awareness endeavors have been featured in The New York Times, Yoga Journal,

Outdoor Japan, New York Magazine, National Geographic, L.A. Yoga, Yoga + Joyful Living, Urban Climber, elephant journal, Current TV and TIME for CNN.

Interviewed by ~ Nicole Muyingo

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