Top 10: Reasons to go to Ibiza

Top 10: Reasons to go to Ibiza

In the Summer of 2010 I spent three blissful months in Ibiza. It was just short enough for it to feel like an extended holiday, but also long enough that I started feeling like a local. As soon as I mention Ibiza it conjures images of all night parties and clubs on the beach for most people. The nightlife is one of the main attractions, but there’s a secret side to Ibiza that people rarely hear about. Ibiza is often referred to as a magical island and having been lucky enough to have experienced that magic firsthand, here are ten reasons why I believe it deserves its reputation.

Written by Nicole Muyingo

1. Sunsets

The sunsets I saw in Ibiza were among the best I’ve seen in my life. Although this is, in part, due to the festivities that accompany them. It’s not just the music, but the people too; couples holding hands gazing out to sea, groups of friends wining and dining, but most of all, the huge applause and yelps of excitement as the sun finally dips below the horizon. You know something special is happening when, surrounded by people you’ve never seen in your entire life, you suddenly feel connected in one unique moment of celebration. For a truly beautiful spot to watch the magnificent Ibizan sunset, visit Casa Del Mar.

2. Island Vegetation

For such a warm and sunny destination, Ibiza remains remarkably green throughout the year. Its rich, green landscapes made up of pine forests, almond, olive and fig trees are what set Ibiza apart from so many other Mediterranean islands. During its extended summer season, the island bursts into bloom:  entire meadows are carpeted with yellow flowers and red poinsettias. The aroma of the orange and lemon trees laden with succulent ripe fruit fills the air. Ibiza has a particularly mild winter.  In fact, outside of summer, it feels like springtime all the time, which means many palms, cacti and agaves (from which Aloe Vera is produced) can grow here all year round.

3. Art in Ibiza

Ibiza attracts artists from all over the world and has galleries and event spaces of a caliber to match. It is not just its rich cultural and historical heritage that draws creative types to its shores, Ibiza has long been known as the ‘island of light’ because of the unique quality of sunlight here. From urban graffiti to rural landscapes, house music to award-winning architecture, it’s no secret that Ibiza boasts one of the greatest concentrations of international talent for an island its size.

4. Magical History

The early Phoenicians thought Ibiza was a magical island, blessed by the gods, because its rich, red soil was said to create a hostile environment for all animals, insects and plants that were harmful to humans. To this day people wear amulets and pendants containing Ibiza’s sacred soil to protect them from harm.

5. The People of Ibiza

The Ibizan people find their inspiration and fulfillment from the simple, spiritually enriching, Ibicenco way of life. ‘Tranquilo‘, means ‘to find inner peace in harmony with nature’ and is the most popular Ibicenco word in use today. In my short spell there, it felt like everyone was constantly smiling, which I found incredibly contagious. I found myself grinning from ear to ear without even knowing why. I couldn’t help but wonder, ‘do they know something that I don’t?  Have they found the key to happiness?’

6. Yoga

Due to Ibiza’s sacred soil, many believe that its energies have healing properties that can enhance your spiritual journey, making the island a magical space for the practice of yoga and meditation. Ibiza offers many inspiring and unique yoga retreats. We like Yoga in Ibiza, Ibiza retreats and Formentera yoga.

7. Music

As the center of the world’s clubbing scene for four months of the year, Ibiza is where hits are born and DJ careers are made. Electronic music fills the air everywhere you go, from the hottest clubs to the local bars – even McDonalds. Be prepared to feel the strain in your neck after days of continuous nodding along.

8. Beaches

With over 50 beaches to choose from, the options in Ibiza seem endless. From expanses of sand to remote secret coves, beach clubs to nudist beaches, every one of them is blessed with the crystal clear blue Mediterranean waters and white soft sand. If you fancy a little more exclusivity, take a boat to Ibiza’s sister island Formentera.

9. Food

Ibiza has a range of interesting indigenous food products, the most famous of which is its salt that comes from the salt flats at Salinas. It also boasts a plethora of eco-farms, producing delicious fresh produce, which is what makes the local cuisine so special. Sampling traditional Spanish tapas and Paella is a must while you’re on the island. Oh, and don’t forget their favorite evening pastime –  Sangria!

10. Beach Lounges

Last but not least, Ibiza wins hands down when it comes to beachside lounge bars. Beautiful people flock here to enliven their senses with world-class lounge music and exotic cocktails, and while away the day in the sun on what could be the most comfortable beach lounge beds in the world. My favorites are Ushuaia, Blue Marlin, Bora Bora and Space.


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