Interview: Jacki Carr

Interview: Jacki Carr

On travel, yoga, life and owl wings…

Seek Retreat’s Tess DiNapoli asks Jacki about her love of yoga, travel, books and goal coaching, and tosses in some silliness for good measure. Jacki Carr and partner-in-crime-yoga-bliss-crafter Mary Beth LaRue-Aporta

are leading a movement: the Rock Your Bliss movement. Together, they are leading the Rock Your Bliss Retreat next year in Sayulita – with the intention to inspire you to seek what lights you up.


Jacki was featured in the September 2013 issues of Origin magazine. Our favorite quote from their question on what makes you come alive: “I smile and love to watch you make epic shit happen.”

Tell us a little about your journey with yoga and your background.

I played with the idea of yoga in high school. And then I took a random class in college that was yoga for credit. This older gentleman in sweatpants led us through poses, and I was hungover every class. Truth. With that being said, once I graduated, I found yoga. I mean real yoga, delicious heart openings, knowledge bombs, all-8-limbs-yoga.  It was my time to pause, breathe and listen. I was really hard on myself in my early 20’s. I moved to LA straight out of college, and I pushed and forced my way into my life.

I joined the gym at the office for my first job and found yoga to be the only time I took a deep breath and expanded. I have been practicing ever since. I am 200-hour certified and am in love with the space I create for me on the mat. I am on the journey and will continue to be with yoga. Word on the street is I am actually a more patient and peaceful human right after yoga. Find me there.

What made you want to become a goal coach? What were you doing before that and what helped you make the shift to live a life full of yoga, goal coaching, making things happen for you and for others?

I was always the deemed advice giver growing up. I lean towards the half glass full, positive outlook with a twist of honesty in life. And that perspective attracts people to your energy, to your soul knowledge, to you. When I met Susanne Conrad, founder of the igolu movement, I was completely smitten with her career title of Director of Possibility at lululemon athletica. I shadowed her, started leading vision and goal session at my past job, lululemon and am now certified in her work. I began to find my own voice in the work, the 80′s music that resonated and an energy that I can bring to relate, connect and create with others.


Jacki and Mary Beth rockin’ their bliss at sunset in Venice Beach.

Today, I have leapt into my own coaching and consulting company, Goals on the Rocks.  I want to live in a World where people get possible together. Additionally, I am beyond stoked to bring goals and yoga to the World with my partner in crime and yoga heart, Mary Beth Larue-Aporta in our Rock Your Bliss Movement ! Let’s get possible, people!

What else inspires you or your practice? I’ve been reading your “Rocktober” posts on your blog where you’ve been doing one thing a day that scares you – have you had any surprising new favorite inspiring things come up that you will keep doing to inspire you and your practice?

I am most inspired by passionate people. I met a woman last weekend that loves butter. She was a biologist turned chef and had more food knowledge than I have ever experienced. I could listen to her speak for hours. Or my friend that runs Ironmans. She is up at 5am to swim and out hitting pavement via bike by 6pm. You know I will be there at the finish line cheering her on!

I am in awe of the human experience and people with passion and drive to do what they love. They remind me and inspire me to know my passion and keep rocking it, because the World is ready. Shout out to people with passion doing what they love, I so want to talk to you! Yes you!

I would have to add that one other huge inspiration in my life is my relationship with my main man, Chris Hynes. Love that is so in your face honest, beautiful, hard work, soul-work, radical and vulnerable communication meets life lessons in compassion and trust. I mean, talk about personal development work and growth. And I am so up for this challenge because it is so unreal amazing when I create a life with someone and we choose to expand. Together.

Let me tell you, I take it to the yoga mat often, my dear friends. And my heart cracks wide open.

Name a character from a 80’s or 90’s TV show or movie you identify with and why.

Would it be weird if I seriously wrote Chevy Chase’s character, Clark Griswold from Christmas Vacation? His love of family, obsession with Christmas tradition and nerd-ness are pretty much spot on.



If you had to pick a favorite place in the world, where would it be? What are three of your favorite recent travel destinations?

My favorite place in the World is my Grandma’s House in Terre Haute, Indiana. It is back in the country near cornfields and sits on a quiet lake and is truly a house that feels like a home. I love it there.

Most recent travel destinations:

1) Australia

2) Chicago

3) Canada

What are your ‘must haves’ while traveling?

Honestly, I would like to say I am a light packer. With that being said, I love to have a great book to read, a sleep mask for long plane or train rides, a camera (iPhone), a toothbrush and perhaps two flannel button downs.

What’s your favorite retreat venue?

I absolutely loved Turtle Bay in Hawaii.

Aside from yoga, what activities do you enjoy?

I love to hike with my man and our dog. Getting up away from the hustle and bustle allows me a sense of connection and peace. Go high enough where you don’t have cell service and I am literally on super zen mode. I also enjoy running and spinning!

What natural gift would you most like to possess? What supernatural gift?

A natural gift I would like to possess is naturally open hip flexors. The supernatural gift would be the gift of flight. I am talking with wings. I don’t want to just fly like Peter Pan, I want the wing span and the glide and feathers ruffling in the wind. I am talking Bald Eagle wings or owl wings.

What are you listening to right now?

On repeat, I have been listening to Capital Cities, ‘Safe and Sound’. I also always enjoy Des’ree ‘Gotta Be’ and Michael Jackson’s ‘Man in the Mirror’. And my go-to karaoke song is John Mellencamp’s ‘Jack and Diane’.

What are you watching right now?

Parks & Recreation, Modern Family, New Girl and Master Chef: Junior.

I read about your recent inventory and reorganization of your bookshelves. What are you reading right now? What are 3 of your favorite books you’ve read in the past couple of years?

I am currently re-reading The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte.  And this month, my book club, Novel Grapes: A Book Club with Wine has just embarked on John Green’s Fault in our Stars.

My three favorite books:

1) The Alchemist, Paulo Coehlo

2) The Gifts of Imperfection, Brene Brown

3) The Art of Non-Conformity, Chris Guillebeau

What would you say your favorite travel discovery has been?

My trip to Italy this year was magic. My younger sister and I took a plane, train and bicycle all over that country last May. My favorite discovery was the relationships we created on our trip. We sang Michael Jackson in a tiny town where they re-opened the bar for us, and we sat on the Venice canals with a woman singing to us with a super sultry voice and sharing her goals of stardom in the USA. We got in trouble on the train for buying the wrong tickets, and we told all of our hidden secrets over too many glasses of red wine. It was a beautiful reminder that she is my best friend AND my sister.

I believe traveling allows you to learn, connect and re-connect with people you love and people you have yet to meet. Beautiful!

By way of navy blue Vespa or lime green Linus bike, you can find Jacki Carr zipping through LA and goal coaching via hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains, on and off the yoga mat or via good ol’ phone. Her coaching style includes 80’s music, (perhaps sang out loud), real and honest conversations and true connection to your most powerful and whole self.

Jacki has been coaching goals since 2009 and has a true passion for a microphone, inspiring others to live it really big and holding them accountable. She received her igolu certification in January 2013 through founder and mentor Susanne Conrad in Venice, California. igolu (pronounced I-Goal-You) is a body of innovative communication, vision, goal-setting and leadership training.

Connect with Jacki:


Featured image credit above: Photography by Ashley Streff

Magazine clip credit: ORIGIN, September 2013


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