6 Reasons to "Digital Detox"

6 Reasons to "Digital Detox"

Technology has become an inherent part of our day to day lives, as most of us are well aware. With so many opportunities surfacing from technological breaks, we often overlook the adverse effects of being immersed in our phones, computers, and tablets, for most of our day. Though we may not be able to escape technology fully, here are 6 reasons to consider taking a digital break...

1. Get that beauty sleep!

All of our devices emit light. Our bodies require the dimming of light in the evening to signal that it is time for sleep. Our light emitting devices directly affect the photoreceptors in our eyes, making us not feel tired even though without it our bodies would be preparing for sleep. Studies have shown, you will fall asleep sooner and sleep deeper if you turn off your phone 30 minutes to an hour before going to bed.

2. Live in the moment

The now is all we have ~ With our focus so often drawn to ideas of the past or future, putting our phones down and just being present is more important than ever!

3. Meet people

When we’re focused on what is real and in front of us we are more likely to meet and interact with those around us. Who knows what incredible people we can meet and connections we can make, right where we’re at.

4. Don’t miss out! 

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, every moment spent looking at our phone, tablet, etc. is a moment spent missing out on what’s around us! Detoxing from the digital world allows us to be more observant of our environment, grateful for the good in our lives, and not miss out on the many opportunities we otherwise may not have seen!

5. Regain Balance

By turning our phones on silent, and putting them away, we can redirect our awareness back to ourselves, mind, body and soul. It is easy to get lost in the endless world of the internet, and forget to check in with our bodies. Clocking out from the hyperconnected world, taking time to breathe and just be is a necessary break for everyone.

6. Retreat to the edge of the Arctic with FOLK

Take on the ultimate digital detox with Folk Rebellion

"Folk Rebellion was created by our desire to encourage the return of living in real life. It’s an appreciation and instruction manual for living in the present…” Folk Rebellion will be hosting their “Digital Detox Under the Aurora Borealis” retreat in Yellowknife, Canada this February. 


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